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Here are just a few examples of the work and services that we offer...

Print & Digital Campaigns
     ...Posters, Signage, Newsletters and More!

At LPM Media Group, we can help design and create a variety of print and multimedia outputs to help support your communication needs. Print Posters, digital signage, newsletters, email blasts, press releases, videos, commercials and online broadcasts - these are just a few of the things that we have helped our clients deliver with success.

A selection of our posters, signage, newsletters, and other print & digital campaigns

Surveys, E-Learning & Training Administration

Communication is a two-way street, and your message may need to not only be delivered effectively, but it may be helpful to get the feedback that demonstrates that the message was received. With a variety of tools at our disposal, we can create an environment that is dynamic in delivery and also offers ways in which to measure compliance and absorption with interactive engagement.

Examples of our surveys, e-learing solutions, and training administration solutions

Reward & Recognition Programs

"What's In It For Me?", is not the question that your communication should be asking but rather it should be inclusive in the delivery so that your audience knows the benefit of your message and the benefit in participation right from the start. Sometimes the message alone is clear and on its own it promotes a value in personal or workplace safety, or in benefit to your customer. Sometimes, however, it helps to encourage engagement with a little reward. Measured participation through interactive feedback tools allows for personal or competitive reward programs to motivate active involvement.

Examples of our Reward and Recognition Programs

Mobile Engagement

Promote participation through a variety of interactive engagement tools like QR Codes, Texting, NFC, or Augmented Reality

QR (Quick Response) Codes

Examples of a QR code solutions

Characterized by a matrix barcode, this is a device- readable label that when scanned with the appropriate device application (app) can be utilized to create action - such as taking a user to a specific video on a network, opening a specific file, etc. Besides the interactive functionality of the QR code, it provides the opportunity to track the usage and click-thru of the information.

Examples of a QR code solutions

Augmented Reality

Examples of our augmented reality digital media campaign

Now you see it.... now you... wait, how did they do that?? Augmented reality creates an exciting opportunity to include hidden content within a print or digital media campaign whereby a mobile device is used to engage with your message, your logo, or other brand details, additional content can be provided which might include graphics, video or 3D animation.

Text 2 Play / Text 2 Win

Examples of a text 2 play or a text 2 win campaign

Engage and measure with promotions that offer quick participation and immediate reward. Adding a texting component to your strategy is easy and the reward component accelerates feedback.